Which Beer Styles Are Most Popular Worldwide?

Do you ever wonder why beer is so commonplace? Beer’s popularity stems from several different factors. For starters, unlike more potent alcoholic drinks, beer’s alcohol content is relatively modest, so you may drink to your heart’s content without worrying about any negative consequences. The variety of options and flavours available will also surprise you. Are you intrigued by the most popular beers in the world? Alright, then, ensure you read the blog article’s end.

The Five Most Popular Types of Beer Around the World

Beer comes in over a hundred styles, from dark stouts to light blonds. Only a handful of the more popular ones are listed here, though.

American lager

Bottom-fermented with lager yeasts, American lagers are characterized by low alcohol content, delicate hop flavours, and light bodies. Typically, they seem filtered, pale gold, and bubbly. Lagers are not all the same, but many have subtle hops, malt flavour, and fruity and gritty undertones that make them quite approachable. Some of the most well-known American lagers are Miller High Life, Budweiser, Grain Belt Premium Lager, and Coors Original.

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India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale (IPA) beers tend to be bold and bitter because they have prominent hop flavours. The significance of India Pale Ales is that different people may appreciate other flavour profiles. Belgium, England, the Double, the West Coast, etc., produce some of the most sought-after IPAs.



Beer, snacks, and a few nuts
Top-fermented with black patent malt, stouts are dark, delicious ales. Stouts can be either sweet or dry, and their alcohol concentration varies between four and fourteen percent. They smell like chocolate, coffee, caramel, and dried fruit. As the best beer delivery service in Calgary, we strongly recommend you try this brew.


Initially brewed in the Czech town of Pilsen, Pilsner is a light beer with a strong hop taste. Its big white head sits above a straw-coloured body. The fragrant hop scent and tangy flavour of a Pilsner are legendary. Pilsners like Live Oak Pilz, Heater Allen Pils, Jever Pilsener, and Firestone Walker Pivo Pils are among the most well-known beers of their type.

Barley Wine

Wheat beer that has been fermented on top is a light brew. Citrus notes, a touch of bitterness, and a manageable alcoholic content are typical of these brews. While wheat is used in producing wheat beers, malted barley is the grain of choice for most craft brewers.

You can also try many other styles of beer besides those listed here. Some examples include the hefeweizen above, amber ales, English pale ale, porter, and sour beer. Contact us if you need the best alcohol delivery services available.
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